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About Us

Information about the Orange Journal, its policies, submission guidelines, and editorial board.
The Orange Journal is named after a cat (we don't know why—perhaps all the good journal names were taken) by a group of students at the University of Washington—Seattle as a way to make those end-of-the term papers mean something beyond classroom. As students, we are often asked to write papers of publishable quality, but after the term ends, many of us don't submit them for publication and the only person who reads the paper is one professor.

The Orange Journal is an open-access, online scholarly journal designed to encourage writers to submit and share their work with others. We encourage you to submit an article and to read and make comments.


Orange accepts student submissions that advance the discipline of technical, professional, and scientific communication. To submit an article, all you need to do is register. Once you have registered, you can upload a file for review.

In addition to submitting an article, we also encourage you to comment on other articles. While we want your comments, please keep in mind that we are colleagues. Any offensive, derogatory, or bad-intentioned material will be removed from the site.

does not make any claim to copyright. Copyright remains with the writer. If your article is accepted by a scholarly journal (or any journal that wants the copyright), we will replace your article with an abstract and provide a link the article's new location.

Editorial board

The Orange Journal Editorial Board is made up entirely of graduate students in rhetoric and professional communication with faculty advisor from several graduate programs across the United States. Contact us if you would like to get involved.
Last modified March 21, 2006 at 07:24 AM

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